meet lateisha

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Lateisha and I am the creator, designer and owner of everything TISH jewelry. Since I was young, I always found myself on the more crafty side making friendship bracelets for friends and family. I am a self taught jewelry designer and started to take jewelry making more serious in 2013. It wasn't until I moved across the country In 2016, that TISH jewelry was born.

I am originally from Hamilton, Ontario, and after getting my Business Degree, I packed up and moved across the country to Calgary. TISH jewelry really started after making the move, mostly as a creative outlet and a way to pass time living away from family. Jewelry design has become so much more to me than that, I truly have found my passion in creating beautiful pieces for all types of women. 

I want to thank everyone who I have crossed paths with on this journey for your support and kind words.

I hope you love what TISH jewelry has to offer!


- xo Lateisha

the jewelry

The focus of everything in the collection is to create unique yet simple pieces of jewelry that women can wear casually throughout the day, that also transition well into the evening.

I use a variety of acrylics, resin and metals in my designs. However the main components I use are semi precious stones and crystals sourced from around the globe, with quality being a priority.

Due to the nature of the stones used, no two pieces of jewelry will be exactly the same - making each piece unique in its own way. Your piece of jewelry will truly be one of a kind.